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Dj Medhat Fotouh

I am Medhat DJ from Egypt
I loved music from a young age. My father had a large library of cassette tapes and CDs.
I loved music very much. And I grew up with that. I worked with a friend in wedding photography. At this time in 1990. At this time I first saw a DJ working at the party. From this time I said this is my job in the future ..

DJ Dom D

Hey everyone!
My name is Dominick. I’m from New York and now call Orlando, FL home.
I make a living as a small business owner, but don’t be fooled. I’ve been spinning music since the vinyl era. I have also been flown to locations, including Caracas, to guest DJ and interview with radio stations. I used to split my time DJing between New York and Orlando, introducing Orlando to what was up and coming on the New York music circuit. Music is a passion of mine, and dance music has always been my favorite genre. When you have a passion and love for dance music like I do, it stays with you, and you just can’t ever quit. I have two amazing daughters in my life who are just as motivated by music as I am. My daughters are a huge part of my life. Despite the fact they are grown up now, I could never take a snowboarding trip without them. You can find me currently spinning on several House music online radio stations. I post my mixes on Mixcloud & Hearthis. I draw a lot of inspiration for my sets from a lot of my own personal favorite music old and new. Thanks for your support, and keep jamming


I was born musically in 1983 in a local radio station located in San Severo (Italy) called Radio Ulisse, here I took the first steps in mixing the Italo disco in vogue in the 80s, a year later I began to try my hand at the consoles of some disco clubs , or the 'London Garden' and the 'Blue Cube' also in the city of San Severo, in 1994 I participated in a single episode of the famous 'Planet Rock' program which was broadcast on Rai Stereo 2 national broadcaster, sending an audiotape. After many years of musical inactivity due to my job as a professional nurse, I resumed playing in 2018 on Mixcloud multimedia platform on the internet, just for fun. I'm not a famous DJ, I've always worked 'behind the scenes'. My only purpose was to cultivate this beautiful passion, entertaining those who listened to my musical performances.

Dante Kostrica

Since 1990 exploring techno sounds.
Westbam, Tyrell Corp or And One and his artistic creations, among many others of that time marked my taste and passion for techno. In 1992 I bought some Technics SL1200, and little by little I learned to mix the techno successes that came from Germany, Holland, Belgium or Italy, and another countries. And naturally other successes that were made in Valencia, such as the Megabeat group.

From 1995 to 1998 I was a resident DJ in a small place. From 1998 to 2011 I dedicated myself to developing my professional career, but not as a DJ. Since 2011 I mixed again, but as a hobby.

I currently enjoy this way. I love techno and explore mixtures and atmospheres in this line. I think I will never leave my facet as a DJ ...

DJ Yuri Jupiter

When I was a kid, I started recording techno radio shows on C-tapes and listening to them on my Walkman. 👶 Bought my first CD when I was 10 and it was techno music of course! 🤖 There is only one thing in techno that has always moved me like a hammer blow on the nuts! 🔨🥜 Started clubbing in the mid-1990s. Was usually out 2-3 times a week. 🕺 Always looked up DJs and admired their work. In my opinion, they make this great music sound even better! 🎛️🎚️🎧🆙 For this reason and because of my love for techno, I decided in 2015 to buy my own controller and put it on myself. 💸✔️ Since then, I've been rocking my bedroom with variations of techno & house melodies! ✳️✴️❇️ When I know how tough this is, I will pay my deepest respect to DJs and producers around the world! 🙏 And of course to everyone who loves this kind of music! 🙌 Thank you, whoever listens to my DJ sets (or otherwise supports me), I am truly honored by every single hit I get! 🤟 Peace, Love & Music! ✌️❤️🎶

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