Vito Nigro

Born in Germany in 1965, grew up bilingually in Italy and Germany as the son of Italian parents, I had early contact with music. She is my lifelong companion, let me process emotions and experiences and has shaped me to the person I am today.
By growing up in two different countries, I was often torn out of my familiar environment, which made me a lone fighter early on, with music as my best friend always by my side. Some adventures or anecdotes from my youth still come to mind today. For example, in my youth I threw 20 cents a week in the jukebox eating currywurst to feel the same Bob Dylan sound wedding again and again, and to experience the same emotions and support as every week. The music took me to a secret place that was mine alone, the secret of which I only knew, away from reality in my beloved, own world.
My personal career began in 1985 at the age of 20. With no previous experience, I watched myself as ambitious as I was when I wanted something, all the moves and movements of the DJ, and in my position as a light jockey I was able to watch and absorb what was going on at the DJ desk. One day I was allowed to replace the DJ at that time by the hour, then completely, and step into his position. A new passion was born. I Vito Nigro, had now completely arrived in the music world, which I also didn't want to give up so quickly. I was the focus of what began to please me, influenced by the hip hop and break dance style of the early 80s, I quickly found a love for house music! When I hung up I felt an unprecedented elixir of life and a deep joy of life that cannot be described in words. From day one, the world of nightlife was made for me. I wanted to hang up more and more and more, was fascinated by the impact I had on the audience, how I could influence people's emotions and fill the dance floor. My life began to change, I grew more and more with the DJ Vito, found myself and became a new person. I got to know a new version of my old self - the better version of myself. I was under the spell of nightlife, nightclubs, music and women. Thanks to the positive feedback I received, I played in bigger and better-known clubs, success on my side. At the age of 22, I played with the mixing desks of larger city center clubs and national discos through the suburbs of Stuttgart. In the state capital, I developed an excellent reputation as a DJ as a young artist in the following years and even made a record production in 1995. I lived this life for over 15 years. It was the most beautiful, most exciting years of my life and therefore a special phase of my life. I made my living during this time by hanging up alone and was happy. At some point I decided that my life should take another turn to be able to develop personally and professionally, to be settled and maybe to start a family. To this day, music has remained my companion in everyday life, it keeps me young and lively, flexible and moving. However, I don't play in clubs like I did back then, but at home in Palma, where I live with my partner in the first sea line and get inspiration for new sets that are like a journey through time through music.


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