I was born musically in 1983 in a local radio station located in San Severo (Italy) called Radio Ulisse, here I took the first steps in mixing the Italo disco in vogue in the 80s, a year later I began to try my hand at the consoles of some disco clubs , or the 'London Garden' and the 'Blue Cube' also in the city of San Severo, in 1994 I participated in a single episode of the famous 'Planet Rock' program which was broadcast on Rai Stereo 2 national broadcaster, sending an audiotape. After many years of musical inactivity due to my job as a professional nurse, I resumed playing in 2018 on Mixcloud multimedia platform on the internet, just for fun. I'm not a famous DJ, I've always worked 'behind the scenes'. My only purpose was to cultivate this beautiful passion, entertaining those who listened to my musical performances.


created by Jazz         2017 / OCt