DJ Yuri Jupiter

When I was a kid, I started recording techno radio shows on C-tapes and listening to them on my Walkman. 👶 Bought my first CD when I was 10 and it was techno music of course! 🤖 There is only one thing in techno that has always moved me like a hammer blow on the nuts! 🔨🥜 Started clubbing in the mid-1990s. Was usually out 2-3 times a week. 🕺 Always looked up DJs and admired their work. In my opinion, they make this great music sound even better! 🎛️🎚️🎧🆙 For this reason and because of my love for techno, I decided in 2015 to buy my own controller and put it on myself. 💸✔️ Since then, I've been rocking my bedroom with variations of techno & house melodies! ✳️✴️❇️ When I know how tough this is, I will pay my deepest respect to DJs and producers around the world! 🙏 And of course to everyone who loves this kind of music! 🙌 Thank you, whoever listens to my DJ sets (or otherwise supports me), I am truly honored by every single hit I get! 🤟 Peace, Love & Music! ✌️❤️🎶


created by Jazz         2017 / OCt