Who is Star Radio FM

My name is Jasmin and I am 37 years old!I'm working all this alone is 100% Jasmin!

What does Star Radio FM do?

My love for the music gave rise to my idea with Star Radio FM !! I'm promoting music on Mixcloud and have regularly held events on my little web radio !!

How to become a DJ on Star Radio FM

☆The Mix can be "1 hour"

☆ Send us a tracklist of the mix file in the fomat Mp3

☆ Your links to pages in social networks

☆ Musical Biography / logo

☆ Still for example / Bass / Club House / House Music / Techno /or your specific styles !!!!

☆We take care of the cover

☆send all this infomation to the email


" Star-radio-fm@gmx.de "

I listen to your sets and contact me !!

Our highlight is working together with different DJs


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